One of the basic features that it is important for an online store is functionality on publishing product data such as titles, prices and other attributes in marketplaces and price comparison sites. This can be done using product feeds which is a representation of your product list in XML format, a descriptive language that is used to store and transport data between different types of computer systems. Use cases could be the following

Price comparison sites

In Greece particularly you can import your feed in price comparison sites such as , where users can search and compare the prices from various online stores. Of course, each site has his own set rules and costs to participate there.


Also popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay can accept product feeds which can easily increase the volume of your sales if it is done right. Each marketplace different structures of selling, so you have to investigate if your business is a good fit and your profit margins are ok.

PPC advertising

You can import the feeds in facebook ad, Google merchant Center to take advantage of the remarketing capabilities of these social media sites and optimize your ads.

Every marketplace has it's on the structure of XML data to import data in them we created a flexible system where you can change the structure of XML easily and according to the format of each marketplace. Already we have ready some template feeds.

here is how a feed looks like in our demo store check this link feed

To create a new feed and here h

  1. Go to Settings Page
  2. Press the link Product Feeds
  3. Press the button New Feed
  4. In Wrap Template enter wrap template format
  5. In Template enter single product item format
  6. press save

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