Pension Insurance €0.00
Profit Before Taxes €0.00
Income Tax €0.00
Helper Tax €0.00
Fix Business Tax Fee €0.00
Profit After Tax €0.00
Clearing Prepaid Tax €0.00
Remaing Income €0.00
Previous Year Net Profit Before Taxes is the difference between revenue - expense before deduct the taxes the previous year, if you start the business this year enter 0.

Pension insurance is calculated based on the net profits of previous year, so you have to input the net profits of previous year so you can calculate pension insurance of this this years. If you have zero profit or loss, the calculation of pension insurance for the present year will have as base the minimum wage of non married worker over 25 years old which is 586.08 €

Prepaid tax means that every year you should prepaid the profit tax and for the next years taking as base your current profit, if next year there is some difference it should be clearing. Let' take an example if you are a new business the first year of operations profit tax is about 3000E there is 100% prepaid tax so you have to paid another 3000E totaling 6000 E. The next year if your profit are less and the tax is 2000E the prepaid tax is another 2000E you should pay 4000E but you have a return from the previous year 3000E so you total clearing it will be 1000Euros

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