Net Salary after taxes : _______

daily rate full time change rates

part time

Πίνακας ανάλυσης μισθοδοσίας

Insurance Class IKA-ETAM 101
National Insurance Employer €0.00
Gloss Salary €0.00
National Insurance €0.00
Income Tax €0.00
Net Salary €0.00
Payment Per Hour €0.00

Part time

if daily salary is higher than the first insurance class the then pension days are the real working days. If daily salary is lower than gross salary is divided by the first insurance class. Example for 4 hours days per week the total insured days are 22. Calcutation methods is hourly rate based insured day alternatively there is also the method of full time ratio based salary.

In turn employment

for an employee who works 3 days per week in 8 hours he will be insured for 4 days on the other hard if he works 2 days per week he will be insured for 2 days.

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