if you start an online business for first time, it is a good idea to have a domain that is either your business name or something related with the products that you sell, a good practice is to choose a domain that is short and easy to remember. In case you have a physical store or you starting a business with ecommerce and searching for products you will have to import the products to your online store,  you can do it manually, automatically using ERP systems or directly from your suppliers in case of dropshipping.

Product Description Pages

Make sure each of your products have a good product description, these are important part of your eshop content so you can provide to customers details about the product features. When writing product descriptions you should always have in mind who is the ideal customer this can affect the conversion rate as much as your seo strategy.

Also products with big and clear pictures can be appealing to customer, so you could outsource the product photo shoots to professional photographers or with a decent smartphone is also possible to capture goods photos, there are a lot of guides in the internet to learn how to capture high quality products photos and tutorials on basic photo editing with free software like gimp.

Standard Pages

Basic pages such as shipping page are important where you analyze the shipping rates and methods as well as the carriers that you will use. This can affect customer purchase behavior because customers may have specific preference on using carriers, not all of the have the same outreach on delivery or the same level quality of services. For example if you miss the delivery may you have to go the local store of carrier to pick up the parcels some of these stores maybe it is not near you.

The page with payment methods is important what such as what are the type of payments methods are available to customers like credit cards, also using cash on delivery methods and what extra fees are applied on this case. The policy of returning products and what are the requirement for refunds  the number of days the customer may hold a product before ask of for a refundt.

Payment Gateways Settings

Payment gateways that your online store is connected is very important because there are a lot of people that prefer to buy with with credit cards online. You have to be sure that your credit card connection with payment gateway is 100% working all the settings like api keys are correct and the test mode is off. You have to make at least one real transaction before yoyu launch your store.

Install an analytics tools like GA

Google analytics tools is a useful tool to measure your traffic and mediums that the visitor are coming. You can have a pretty good idea on what type of marketing channel will drive more quality traffic with higher conversions rates. There are special features on ecommerce that you enable that is related to ecommerce and called ecommerce tracking so you can activate reports that includes data like the transactions Ids, total revenue, average order value, unique purchases, quantities, average quantities, products skus and many other ecommerce related info.

finally you to come up with your marketing strategy to test what is working best for you product could be pay per click advertising on google adwords or on facebook platform, affiliate marketing networks, comparison prices engines, seo and content strategy, building your email list.