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Contacts - Customers

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The contact section is one of most important parts in a CRM and an e-commerce system, in our platform you can bulk import your contacts from csv file and map the csv columns to the contact fields. After you make the import you will be able segment your contacts in groups called which are called audiences. You can send your marketing message in each groups through various medium channel like bulk sms, bulk email, facebook ads, facebook custom audiences. You can promote effectively each of your product or service to most relative group of contacts and make A/B test your message in each audience

For example you can import your contacts from your linkedin account to our system, press the following link to export your contacts in a csv file and download it in your computer download linkedin contacts

To import your contacts

  1. Go to Contacts
  2. Press the button Import
  3. Press the browse button and find the file in your computer
  4. Press Continue
  5. Map Fields map the columns from csv file tou for example in ?Column 2 (Last Name)? choose from the dropdownlist in right Last Name
  6. Tick the box skip the first row
  7. Press the button import

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