As time goes by changes in technology are vast and affect many aspects of people's life. The tech space is growing exponentially and it is time for any business to stay relevant in the age of digital transformation. Now there more data available online than ever before, this makes easy to adopt digital-based strategies where you can compete at a higher level with fewer resources.

What is the digital transformation

The core concept here is to create a customer journey by executing a full digital strategy on how to acquire new users, deliver products and services and maximizing customer lifetime value.  Achieving this you have to create a winning combination of technology, omnichannel marketing, sales and build products that allows a business to expedite long term growth.

Key concepts like patterns in purchase behavior, the preferred choice of hardware e.g. desktop, tablets, smartphones, also favorite communication channels and notification can be easily tracked and used in a reactive way to create personalized experiences.

Classic method

You may own or use software like desktop ERPs and CRMs which is a usual case but such systems have low connectedness with other systems to exchange data, not only this but there are high license costs. Our purpose is to create custom software products tailored to your needs and work effectively and efficiently with many data systems and marketing channels.

Of course, there is a state of art software by well-known companies but as much configuration done it will be enough to sync and create effectively a digital strategy only for you.

Example License Renewal

Let's say for example that you have a business that sells licenses of software and you have to notify your customers to pay for renewing their software. The classic way it that you have all data stored in your CRM system where info like expiration date exists your search and make a phone call your clients for wire transfer.

A potential digital transformation strategy could by creating an online store that holds customer data and every automatically query expiration date and sends them a message through the customer's preferred medium (SMS, email, push notification) with a link that drives them to an online store to complete the purchase. And if no action was taken until the next day the system notifies the sales agent to do the phone call. Additionally, you can upsell, cross-sell, down-sell other products.


So investing in a digital transformation project you could free up resources and people from doing trivial tasks to more complex and creative projects, same time you optimize the selling process and offering a superior customer experience and product delivery. Digital Transformation in Banking, healthcare and many other industries is a game changer so contact us innovation for business