Google has make available in its advertising platform a new campaign type that names smart campaign. With this option, you can simplify the management and optimization of pay per click ads. It is mainly targeted at small businesses where they do not have the time and staff to manage their online advertising.

So ads can be automated in effective way across all Google networks, the Search Network, Display Network, Youtube, Gmail. Apart from the positive ones, there are also negative ones, such as less flexibility and concession control. Otherwise, you need to devote enough time to learning pay per click, but let's first say what are the shopping campaigns.

Shopping campaigns

This type of campaign is mainly aimed at retailers who have online stores and their products target the retail market. To start such a campaign, you'll first need to open a Google Merchant Center account.

Then upload the Product Data Feed, which is the a list of the products you sell, including prices, photos and other features. This list may be a csv file that you have edited in excel or a link to an xml file that exists in your domain name of your e-commerce  online store, which is automatically generated at frequent intervals. Next, you'll need to sign into your Google Adwords account and create a new sales campaign and link the corresponding feed at the merchant center.



The problem that arises in the Greek market is that the shopping ad campaign is not yet available in Greece but if you are exporter or run an e-commerce dropshipping  business you can link your merchant account and sell to countries in the European Union where Google Shopping is active. As to the limitation of google shopping is expected to come to Greece but until then you can use Google Merchant Center to put product feed data and create retargeting campaigns and smart remarketing campaigns respectively.

Smart shopping campaigns

Some basic requirements for creating smart campaigns that you need to install global tag on the website or online store to track conversions. First of all, let's define what is  a conversion, is any useful action that a visitor makes to the site, such as adding a product to the cart, subscribing to the newsletter, completing a purchase, etc. The number of visitors who take a specific action toward all visitors is called a conversion rate.

In addition, the Global Site Tag must be integrated and a list of at least 100 active repeat marketing users available. If you have enough resourse to run your marketing activities for your online e-commerce store smart campaigns is a perfect solution for this case.