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Bulk Sms Sending

  • ecommerce

If you are in charge of the operations of an eshop or even physical shop is important to able notify your current clients for new arrivals and flash sales. You could do this using bulk sms, is more efficient tool than email for increasing your local sales because can achieve higher open rate. There are various other cases that you can use sms, such as include links that point to surveys or contests. The branding is important factor in your campaigns so you can send sms with a sender id that is your company's name.

To setup sms

  1. Go to Settings Page
  2. Press the link Edit Sms
  3. In the field Sms Sender ID enter your company's name, max characters are 10
  4. Press Save

In 24 hours we will approved your Sms Sender ID, you will able to send sms through our system with 10 digit word.

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