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Mysql Upgrading from 5.5 to 5.6

  • webtech

If you have a VPS, at some point you will have to make the upgrade from mysql 5.5 to 5.6. However the upgrade may fail if your VPS doesn't have more than 500MB of RAM or your all your free RAM resources are less than 400MB.

The reason is that mysql 5.6 needs to allocate 400MB additional RAM, because it has activated by default the mysql performance schema. This schema records statistics from the mysql database in runtime. Its main usage is to help the database administrator to check really low level measurements and identify performance issues like slow queries due to InnoDb locks, ...

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The Rise of Cryptocurrency

  • finance

The first cryptocurrency named bitcoin, appeared in 2009. The original creator was Satoshi Nakamoto. But first let's take a brief history of the currency. The reason that a currency exists is that it acts as a medium of exchange and store value. If there are two counterparties and want to make an exchange of a good or service we need a currency to act as measure and transfer of value. This way a transaction can be executed directly between the parties. Most notables are the exchange of cash (banknotes, coins), or transactions through the financial banking system.

If the transaction ...

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Composer PHP Dependency Manager

  • webtech

Writing something in PHP was already hard. There were always compatibility issues with older server versions that did not support your shiny new application. Lately with all the great frameworks that are out there, another problem appeared: how could you use components that rely on other libraries and do that for each of your projects efficiently? Notice the keyword here, efficiently.

Composer is a dependency manager for your projects. What it does is it creates the dependencies and manages all of the required project libraries, ...

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