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Which are the best frameworks for web development?

we have work with many web frameworks but one of the most important skill for someone to be productive is to understand core concepts of software design paτterns like MVC, ORM and DI. Some of our favorites web frameworks are Yii / Yii2 - Symfony - CakePHP - Laravel - Ruby on Rails.

What is the best eCommerce platform?

The answer in this question is not black or white but it depends on many parameters, for example there are many eCommerce solutions such as Magento - Prestashop - WooCommerce etc, self hosted providers and each one has pros and cons. First you have to define your needs and goals so to choose the right solution that is best fit for you, such size of catalog, ux and easy to use, level of difficulty in customization and change behaviors on features, server resources, plugin ecosystem.

Which mobile cross-platform tool is best React Native or Flutter?

Both of these tools have a clear advantage over native development and this because of Declarative UI which makes development faster and easier. React Native use Javascript & ReactJs to create a single codebase for both type of apps and can leverage native UI libraries from Android and iOS. On the other hand Flutter use Dart a programming language which has the behavior of interprenting language and features such as hot reload, strict types and compiling to native code and skia for graphics.

How to measure my Return on Investment from Social Media, SEO, Facebook Ads?

Measuring your Return on Investment from your marketing activities can be done easily using a tool like Google Analytics after you setup goals with values. You can monitor results from Conversions-> Multi-Channels Funnels and Conversions > Ecommerce