Bitcoin was the first digital currency the technology that brings this type of currencies to life called the blockchain. A quick description of the concept of blockchain is that is an immutable system of recording information like an accounting ledger, this is on a distributed network of computers around the world. This makes the records impossible to alter or modify by virtually anyone, and at the same time making this information accessible in public with some details about the records keep hidden using public-key cryptography.

The most often use case of blockchain was the digital currencies, now there over 50 currencies that have the notion of blockchains. So a digital currency is an application that running on blockchain under certain conditions and rules that were defined. Later the creation of the ethereum opened new opportunities to make applications other than currencies that are called smart contracts.

The connection the blockchain between them on exchanging data, tokens, assets brings into play the cosmos using the Inter-Blockchain protocol (IBP).

What is

Is a decentralized network that you can deploy a blockchain that can be connected with other chains like currencies or smart contracts.

What is Starport

Starport is an easy to use interface for CosmosSDK, an application framework in GoLang for building blockchains. It can be installed using the popular javascript npm package manager

You can find in GitHub how to use and install starport

What is Agoric

Agric is a collection of smart contracts specialized in DeFi decentralized finance and executes financial contracts that traditionally were trading in derivatives exchanges like Chicago Board of Trade. An example of this is a call option

A Call Option is a financial contract between two parties that the buyer has the option to buy an underline asset at a defined price in a future date regardless of the spot price of this asset that future date. This is a call option because if the buyer has an option not to exercise the contract.

These types of financial contracts like call options as smart contracts are available in blockchain.