The first impression is the last impression.

The saying may or may not be true in day to day life, which is up to debate, but mobile app marketing companies know for sure this saying quite literally applies to app stores.


Because visitors to your app store page are quick to judge and exit if they don't like what they see.

According to this article, there are two different types of visitors: explorers and decisive thinkers. Out of these, 60% won't explore past the first impression. In order to not lose the lead, your app store page needs to tell the visitor what it does in a period of 3 seconds.

Your mobile app marketing campaign needs to capture the visitor, and it needs to be done fast.

What better way than video?

There are two app stores: the Apple store and the Google Play store. Putting videos on each store is a different experience. How can your mobile app marketing strategy create a great first impression on each store?

To find out, we need to differentiate between two first.


As soon as the visitor finds you in the search results, the video starts to autoplay without sound on in the apple app store, unlike play store. moreover, you can have a maximum of three videos on your page, each of which auto play when you swipe.

Perhaps it is something to keep in mind when creating a mobile app marketing plan?


The Apple app store is strict about what you post on your product page. For some, it can be constrictive especially if you are not well versed in what Apple wants.

For starters, you need to make sure you follow the guidelines set out for app previews. The preview should be device specific, meaning it must have the same orientation as the app on that device. Similarly, the visual content must lean towards captured footage. You can?t show live action, any device, or create a video purely consisting of animations and not the app itself.

On the flipside, Google offers a lot of freedom. Your video opens up on YouTube, so it always performs better in landscape orientation. You don't have to get it approved first unlike in iOS, and you can put up any type of content you want.

(Not sure if your video will be approved? Get in touch with a mobile app marketing agency to help you out!)

Tip: make sure your videos for Apple app store aren't of more than 30s in length. There is no video restriction on Google play store, however.

The differences between iOS and Google play store are striking. Mobile app marketing services and mobile app marketing agencies can assist you in making the perfect first impression video for your app.