There are new options available to delivery drivers who want to earn a little extra money for themselves. They have mostly been limited to Uber and Lyft until recently, but now a delivery driver app that has just been released is changing the name of the game.

Enhancing Delivery In General

For whatever reason, we as a society have limited the number of products that we receive via delivery to a handful of things. Food delivery is common and package delivery is starting to get better, but many other products are not included in the list of things that we can have delivered directly to our homes.

What is a person supposed to do when they have an impulse to purchase an item but also do not particularly feel like leaving the home to go get it? That is where the new app comes in.

How It Works

It is a pretty simple system once you start to see it in action. Basically, a person places an order via the app to have something delivered directly to their home. They place the location of their home in the app and then see a list of competing for offers for delivery pop up. They choose from those offers to find either the best price or the fastest delivery time or some combination of the two.

Once the customer has selected the Udely proposal that they want to go with, they place the order and then wait as they track the order through the various stages that it goes through until it reaches their door. They can see it moving closer and closer to them on a real-time map. Before you know it, the package arrives at their door.

Making Money With This App

On the flip side of this transaction are those who do the actual deliveries. They are there to help fulfill the orders that are placed by those on the driver delivery app. They want to sell some products or at least deliver those products in order to earn some extra money.

Many of the delivery drivers actually sell their own products, but some are simply operating as carrier services for other companies that are in need of someone to deliver the products that they have to customers. Either way, the driver earns some money for the work that they do, and the customer receives what they have ordered much more quickly than they would under normal circumstances.

Delivery times are shortened using this app because a lot of times the products desired are nearby the people who are placing the order in the first place. Thus, it becomes simply a matter of connecting buyers with a seller. After that is done, the delivery can be made right away.

The customer has full control of the process in terms of accepting bids. Meanwhile, the driver has full control of his or her business as they operate as independent contractors and can set their own hours, rates, and delivery times.