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Facebook Custom Audiences

  • Facebook Ads

One of the best features that we have in our system is that you synchronize your contacts with facebook custom audiences. Let's say that your already have customer base which includes the email or phone number, you will able to choose which of your contacts of your current your client list to import in a facebook custom audience. That means when you run ad campaigns in facebook you have the option to display them only in your current customers. The same feature you can use it also to create look alike audiences from your customer base, that means that facebook will display ads to potential customers that have similar characteristics to your current customers.

To connect our system with your facebook advertisement account

  1. Go to Audience Page
  2. Press the button Create Audience
  3. If field name enter the name of the audiences
  4. In Facebooks Account ID enter your facebook advertiment id
  5. Choose Yes your Facebook Audience
  6. Press the button Create
  7. Press if you press the button Add Contacts will add all your contact in this audiences