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Facebook Pixel

  • Facebook Ads

When you run marketing campaigns in facebook to drive traffic to your eshop, it's a good idea to have install facebook pixel in your website. It's a piece of code that you can find your facebook advertisement account and it's easy to install it in your website. In this way you can use facebook ads as a retargeting tool. Let's take the following scenario, if you have somebody that visit a product in your eshop or a page in your website when he visits his facebook account, fb identify that he was a visitor in your website, and show him your ads. Because it' a nurturing tool for your potential clients, to make a sale, your potential client have to see the product multiple times.

To install fb pixel in our ecommerce platform you have to

  1. Go to Settings Page
  2. Press the link ecommerce
  3. Navigate to section analytics
  4. In the section analytics enter the facebook unique id Facebook Pixel
  5. Press Save

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