Before starting your project it is important to find the competitive advantage of your business. Doing this in the first steps and same time defining your goals it will be easy to set your project to the path for success.

operational systems

A major problem for SMBs is that their operational systems are not well integrated. Sales, customer supports and departments do not communicate in an efficient way. This has as result to be difficult to increase sales or reducing costs, because of the gap in systems and people. So it's time to close this gap by creating and connecting a bespoke software system. We specialized in business software that is highly communicate (sync) with other systems.

So a result is that you will have an interconnected system and taking advantage of API economy. In this way, new challenges will be easy to overcome and adapt to market trends will be easy. Using our services to create custom software you will have a solid foundation to operate. In technology we use wide range of tools Elastic Search, Redis, Golang, GraphQL, Queues, and Yii2 / Yii framework that every high skilled web developer has them in his toolbox.

Business Analysis

  • Requirement analysis
  • Collaborative prototyping
  • Application structure
  • Technical Specification
  • Quality assurance testing

System Analysis

  • Business and system analysis
  • Digital Transformation
  • Technical solution
  • Support plan
  • Stakeholders

Operational analysis

  • Development methodology
  • Coding standards
  • Data entry
  • The launching process
  • Maintenance and security

Why Develop a custom web application?

Web application for business is important if you want to organize your data better and business flows. As this type of application is available using a browser you can have instant access to data and our business process everywhere. Tools and coding are custom, so vendors cannot make a lock-in with canned and licensed software.

Adjusting software to your business you can optimize marketing, client support, accounting. If you want the best results a web system will help encapsulate your business process. Instead of installing and configuring monolithic systems.

What type of Projects are best fit for Yii

We have experience in creating projects with the earliest and latest version of yii framework. We built all kinds of applications such as CRM Real Estate, eCommerce, Mortgage industry. We run even our own project a Yii2 ecommerce SaaS, where some can create an online store. We have worked in the past USA based companies and we can deliver great results.

What is Software Testing Model

Integrating software testing is critical to any application, so new features will work as expected without any errors. There are a lot of types of testing models and practices but we use the agile where the software development process is divided into short periods. Performing unit tests, functional test regressions tests allows building a solid code base.

Yii Application Development

If rapid web development is an important factor, then one Yii is one of the first choices. Yii2 is an open-source PHP framework best for MVP products (Minimum Viable Product). You can build app on this for making tests to marketplace, but also is good for large scale applications.

It's full Object-Oriented Framework, includes Active Record for accessing the database, has reach sets of widgets such as DataGrids, Gridviews, Detail views. Also, Jquery UI library has a by yii wrapper, this has as result to make frontend development easier. It also has the right tools to build quick REST API for your application and supports ajax in various frontend widgets like in grid views.

Security support exists out of the box to prevent XSS, CSRF and other attacks. The community that supports this framework is large, so even a difficult question could be resolved within forums. There are native extensions that make it easy to integrate technologies like MongoDB, Redis to projects. Hiring software developer 10 years experience, we can guarantee high-quality results on deliverables and with an SLA agreement.

Yii Developers

Offshore yii developer provides support to businesses and startups also it is possible to create custom software fast with solid codebase. Take advantage of our expertise in cutting edge technologies, we can support bespoke software development in London - New York - Berlin - Chicago.

PHP Web Development

As one of the major programming languages best known for developing web applications. It is suitable for small websites that want to keep licenses costs lower. The majority of content management systems are in PHP, with popularity over 74% of CMSs build on php as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal. If you want to hire today top php developer contact us.

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