Yii2 - Yii Development

We have experience with applications with many web frameworks but one our first choices is Yii, is open source php framework suitable for MVP products (Minimum Viable Products) for testing the marketplace, but also good for large scale applications. It's full Object Oriented Framework, with active record for accessing the database, has reach sets of widgets such as dataGrids, gridviews, detail views and Jquery UI library is wrapped by php interface, this has as result to make frontend development easier. Also has the right tools to build quick rest api for your application and supports ajax in various frontend widgets like in grid views.

Also has out of the box support on security to prevent XSS, CSRF and other attacks. The community on this frameworks is large so even a difficult question can be solved very quickly without wasting time. There are extenstions on the framework where can be connected with other popular technologies like MongoDB, Redis, Sphinx, Elastic Search and others.

Why Develop a custom application?

The web application development is important in case you want to organize your data and various marketing activities in your business, the best thing to do is to design a custom database which will store and automate your business workflow. Every business has it's own workflow to organize their data, their marketing activities, client support, accounting system etc. To achieve the best results is to design a custom information system upon you business process instead to install and configure big monolithics systems.


PHP is a major programming language best known for develop web applications, it is suitable from small websites to complex applications. The majority of content management systems have created on php and many of them are very popular such wordpress, joomla, drupal etc.

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