Solidity is a high-level programming language that we can use to create smart contracts in ethereum, solidity as a language was design to target the EVM machine. The contracts that can be created are applications, machine code, that will running on ethereum blockchain.

Examples of such contracts could be a voting mechanism, an auction, a currency, and also many other ideas that can be applicable there.

If you are already using nodejs, the solidity compiler can be installed easily through its packaging system. In a Linux environment with node js and npm, the installation of a solidity compiler can be done through the command line by using the following command. If you are nodejs developer you can a quick jump start like this

sudo npm install -g solc 

To check if the command line utility and the compiler was installed successfully we press

solcjs --help

Let's create a file with name first_contract.sol then there are plenty of code of samples to test, let's choose the remote purchase to paste the code file you find in the previous link in the file we just created then we have to compile the contract using this command

 solcjs --bin --abi first_contract.sol

the previous command will output two files the first one has extension .bin  is the contract compiled code (bytecode) that we will use in ethereum client to deploy the contract. The other file with file extension .abi is the application binary interface and describes how a user will interact with the contract.

There are a lot of applications that can be created, the previous example we provided a  link with the code for a remote purchase do not use it in real life only to study the code, there is a flaw  if the buyer goes rogue and doesn't confirm that he received the product the etheur will not be released to the seller.

Initial Coin Offer (ICO)

One of the most notable applications that somebody can create with smart contracts is the ICOs, an initial coin offer.  It's a form of crowdfunding that you are able to collect funds for a project by selling rights of ownership.

The fundamental difference between this and classic crowdfunding campaigns, that run by websites like IndieGoGo, is that the backers control the release of the money and also could take decisions through with mechanisms.A library for writing secure contracts such as various kinds of ICOs is OpenZeppelin.

In the previous sections we saw how to compile simple a smart contract, but to learn solidity programming there are for interactive lessons in solidity programming. If you need some blockchain app development drop us a line.