When you have sell products and services online through our system you can easily integrate a simple shopping cart in your website that means a unique url for your product with a form that can checkout only this product or to have standalone product catalog under the domain of your choice with a cart where you can add multiple products.

Product Catalog with Multiple Items Cart

  1. Go to Settings Page
  2. Press the link Ecommerce
  3. In section Store, press the switch Store Mode to be active
  4. Activate the catalog switch button
  5. Also activate Multiple Items Carts switch button
  6. press save

product list catalog setting vontikakis ecommerce

Enter your first product in your eshop

  1. You have to go page products
  2. Create a new product
  3. In product information section enter status have to be active
  4. In online store section, switch button product in store have to choose the visible option

Also, you can create add specific attributes in each product and create product variations