When users are in the final step to checkout there are various reasons that may abandon their cart. The most ofte is when they have to create an account, many users take the decision to purchase on the spot so when they start filling long forms. If you do not have a quick checkout options may change their mind during this process. An online store always should have the option to instant checkout and a single checkout page.


payment with creditcard


A wide range of payment options is important in checkout page, one of the most basic is paying with a credit card. A large number of users prefer this way because it is easy to do, you do not have to remember to carry cash. When the delivery destinations is your house or paying extra fees that calculated cash on delivery option. Your customers can make purchases on credit even they having cash flow problems but they need to buy a product immediately.

In your e-commerce platform, we have an in integration with vivawallet, stripe, a payment processor where buyers in the final step they are redirected to their website pay to fill in their credit card data. So they handle all the security aspects of credit card payments. Of course, to have a credit card form at checkout page is better but requires to have an SSL certificate. This way data will be transmitted in a safe way to the payment processor.

To connect the vivalwallet just go to

  1. Go to Settings Page
  2. Press the link eCommerce
  3. Navigate to section payment methods
  4. Tick the box payment gateway
  5. In fields Merchant Id, Api Key, Source enter the info that you can find in your vivawallet account and credit gateway is connected and choose test mode inactive to go live with real payments
  6. Press Save


vivawallet payment gateway settings