1. SMS Marketing
  2. Web Push Notifications
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Promo Codes

SMS marketing

bulk sms is an important tool to use in your eCommerce business or even to other cases.


If you manage an online store is important to let your customers know for new arrivals, discounts. You could do this using bulk SMS marketing because is a more efficient tool than email higher open rates. An example could be to send SMS with coupons, discount offers including links that point to landing pages. Also, branding is an important factor in these campaigns so you can message with a sender ID that is your store's name and not your personal number.

Customer Support

You could send SMS to inform customers about the status of their orders. If their parcel to the courier services, or if you order to make a pickup from the physical store that your order ready

To set up in our system and define Sender ID that means your store's name you have to

  1. Go to Settings Page
  2. Press the link Edit Sms
  3. In the field Sms Sender ID enter your company's name, max characters are 10
  4. Press Save

In 24 hours we will approve your Sms Sender ID, you will able to send sms through our system with 10 digit word.

bulk sms settings vontikakis ecommerce

Web push notifications are small messages where a user can see in their browser and their coming from when browsing in real-time or visited in the past It is an extra channel of communication and engagement to include in your e-commerce marketing.

Web Push notifications

These are small messages or updates from the website to someone's browser or app who has visited it in the past. Also, this user has given permission to receive these kind of notifications. Besides the in websites are also suitable for online stores that want to have a greater degree of interactions with their visitors. Registering a visitor with push notification is easy and has a higher conversion rate than email It is less intrusive than SMS and necessary if you are following a multi-channel marketing strategy. After we tried some services that provide this technology we integrated the service from onesignal.com in our platform. It has more features than other services, even in the free package it supports safari updates

Connect with OneSignal

after you create an account on https://onesignal.com και κάνετε τις απαραίτητες ρυθμίσεις εκεί. You will find two 2 important data, the first one is ONESIGNAL APP ID and second one Label in case that your website doesn't have SSL

Go to

  1. main menu
  2. settings
  3. eCommerce

in section web push notifications enter ONESIGNAL APP ID and Label from your onesignal account

push notifications onesignal ρυθμίσεις στη πλατφόρμα κατασκευής eshop

For more info and strategy click on the following video demo

Google Analytics

If you run an e-shop or any other type of website is important to thack some metrics. This could visitors behaviour, traffic sources but you will need to have an analytics tool, one very popular google analytics.

It is a complex tool but in the first step even a novice user can watch the basics stuffs. Like how many people visit your website per day, which are the most important sources of traffics. You can measure and compare data in different scenarios. That could be the sources of visits from search engines, social media, email campaigns and track the conversion from each source.

Setup google analytics

  1. Go to Settings Page
  2. Press the link Ecommerce
  3. In sections analytics, in the field, Google Analytics ID enter the unique identifier for your website which has a form similar to the following UA-4043777-3
  4. Press Save

google analtyics settings

Discount Codes

Promo codes or discount codes are an important tool for your sales growth strategy. This a small alphanumeric word that your potential buyer can apply during the checkout process and take a discount. The discount could be a fixed amount or a percentage of your total order.

Tracking Influencer marketing effort

You can assign a promo code to influencers so as to give them a specific discount on their audience. This could be a short and clear code that can be used in videos, blogs, websites or posting on social media. You can track accurate results on what you spend on influencer marketing.

Social media posts

You can engage promo codes when launching PPC and viral campaigns in social media platforms and track the conversion rates from these channels. For example if your post on facebook page new spring collection you could create a code such as SPRING10FB that could mean a 10% percent discount.

Abandoned Carts

Many people initiate the checkout process but during this process, a usual behavior is that buyers change their minds and abandoned the card, while they have already entered some personal info such as email, mobile number. There could trigger a promo code discount to be sent in his email or through SMS to his phone after two hours and reinforce the buying behavior.

In our system, there are two types of codes fixed and percentage.

  1. Go to Settings Page
  2. Press the link Discount Codes
  3. Press the button New Discount Code
  4. Enter the name of the discount code etc SPRINGSALE10
  5. In Condition choose the type fixed or percentage, enter the amount
  6. Press the button Save

promo codes in vontikakis ecommerce platform