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Do you need Laravel Development services? IT outsourcing for your laravel projects is the best way to develop your software infrastructure having a predictable timeline, a cost effective way and the support you need.

So, if you need a expert web developer on this php framework, because of skill gap in your local market or high labor cost contact us. Our expertise includes building backends, Web Apps and Web APIs.

We will use a world class framework that becomes the standard in php world to build from your small custom crm to enterprise applications that could the support the functions of every part of your organization, and without the hassle of canned software.

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Bridge between business & IT

  • Focus on Business Activity
  • 30% lower cost
  • Increased efficiency
  • Deep tech experiences
  • Diversify skills

Type of Web Apps

  • multi-tenant database backends
  • supplier and client portal systems
  • includes a intelligent CRM back-end
  • compliments your current website
  • includes backend payment processors

QA testing process

  • requirement Analysis
  • test planning
  • test design and execution
  • defect management
  • acceptance and closer

Why use Laravel Framework

Laravel is one of the most popular MVC frameworks for creating web applications. It is a php framework with some parts based on Symfony decoupled components. Also, comes with many features such as a built-in authentication system, the blade template engine and a modern way to access data as objects with Eloquent ORM.

We can use it with VueJS a js framework for creating single page applications for optimal UX. There are libraries like Bootstrap-Vue or Kendo Vue UI to create complex interfaces. It is best for website development or projects like custom CMS, CRΜ, APIs Mortgage e.g. Laravel it is always a reliable choice for high standard projects.

Can i use laravel development to build a mobile backend

Yes you can create a backend app with rest api for your mobile Android and iOS apps. Also for creating the API endpoints it is better to use Lumen a light version of this framework.

Our mission is to deliver superior products, during development the phase we use a lot of tools to achieve the best outcome. We make use advanced object oriented techniques and software patterns. Some cases are service providers, service container, facades for creating testable code.

We use homestead the official dev environment with vagrant under the hood. There are many native packages like cashier a stripe wrapper for managing subscriptions. Scheduler a package for programmatic scheduling tasks and many others. Also, we can integrate advanced full-text search features with scout.

Achieving high-performance results is a key factor in our services, so we make use of the best tools available like Sublime Editor, Beanstalkapp and AWS.

Agile vs Waterfall software development

The agile method is a way to manage projects for every Laravel development company. The team can achieve specific tasks in a short period after the sprint planning. Some of the advantages are predictable cost, flexible prioritization, control over unpredictable problems.

So waterfall is opposite to the agile method because every function and specification has to be written before coding starts. Some of the pros are software developers get up to speed quick, timescales, predicable financial cost and easy to test the software

Laravel Developers

If you need very specialized skills in the project, we will add the right people to covering the skill gap in your technical team. We got you covered for programming in bespoke software development London - New York - Berlin - Toronto. we are the right partner for you.

Choosing Greece you will find highly trained remote web developers inside the Euro Area and without the overhead that comes form nearshore and offshore software development companies.

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