The Xbox is turning more into a PC these days whereas the gears are being replaced by the classic mouse and keyboard that makes it look more like a desktop. This twist is enabled for the Xbox lovers who can use a tradition mouse and keyboard set instead of spending 100 dollars on buying new gaming PCs with all the accessories.

Wiring a mouse in the game will not appear as a cursor on the home screen but it will help you to navigate. Whereas attaching a keyboard can help you play with some shortcut keys. In the new PlayStation mouse and the keyboard works together with supporting each other just like a VR and Gear.

It's true that Xbox supports the use of keyboard and mouse only in games and apps whereas to run other games you need proper gaming accessories as they might not allow the classic support. The app publishers are still working on the betterment of the features.

You can trade in Xbox 360 for Xbox one to use few titles and can also trade video games to use a mouse and keyboard replacing the traditional controller. The classic set will allow you to play with more precision so that you can enjoy busting your favorite shooters just like old times.

List of games that supports mouse and keyboard

    It is a multiplayer game where you can invite your friends and collaborate with them to create your own Fortnite character. You can battle to win exciting charms in the game.
  2. DAYZ
    An open world online sandbox game that plays with 60 players at a time. The players have to face difficult situations and fight their fears. It is a quest for survival where a single mistake can be lethal.
    Bomber Crew is a game based on the battle of World-war 2 where it is important to complete the task given to you and to keep your crew alive also include your objective. The difficulty level will increase and your enemy can attack you from anywhere.
    It includes the valiant family from a mystical mountain trying to save humanity from the evil. The characters have a different set of skills and powers to defeat the dark lord.
    Deep Rock Galactic is a very interesting game that includes some majorly skilled and science fiction dwarves. They are very powerful and have sufficient tools for mining and each time when they explore minerals, they get a chance to win extra points.
    In the minion master, there are many masters with some cool and unique heroic ability that can win charms to summon a minion to defeat the evil master. But remember every time you calls for a minion you set him free with no control.
    Moonlighter is an action RPG game that includes a common shopkeeper who wishes to turn into a superhero but after a massive explosion by the villains, he discovers his superpowers and turns into a secret hero to protect his town and people.

Well, there are more games that support keyboard and mouse. They include; Strange Brigade, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Vigor, Warface, Warframe, Wargroove, War Thunder, and X-Morph Defense