Electronic Transactions € 0
Consumer tax for non paying with electronic transfer € 0
From 01-01-2017, everyone is obliged to purchase a part of his consumer goods and services with e-payments such as credit cards, e-banking, etc.

If they do not, they will have to pay an additional 22% tax on the amount of e-transactions they had to as part of their income. For example, someone have a yearly income of 9.000€ he should have make electronic transactions of 900€. If he have not done this he will pay 198E tax. (source ΠΟΛ.1068/2018)
Electronic Transactions Included food, alcohol, and tobacco costs clothing and footwear, housing, durable goods, household goods, health, transport costs, communications, education, hotels, cafes, restaurants. (source ΠΟΛ.1068/2018)
Electronic Transactions Excluded house rents, tax payments such as tax or income tax, mortgage payments, purchase of boats, airplanes. (source ΠΟΛ.1068/2018)

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