Do you need Laravel Development services? IT outsourcing is a way for your company to manage more effectively resources by assigning projects or tasks such as software development, managing servers, help desk to businesses that use are in different countries. There are many benefits to this, one major is filling the skill gap that may exist at your local labor market.

Another factor is lower cost in dev hours and infrastructure, this because average salaries in IT are different from country to country as every can see this form economic metrics like purchasing power parity. Generally a value of service is not always signaling a fair price, so when outsourcing projects with low rates to offshoring companies, there is a higher chance to have delays, hidden costs etc. Experienced developers can make the difference such type of services, some benefits could be the following

  • Focus on Business Activity
  • 30% lower cost
  • Increased efficiency
  • Upscale and downscale resources
  • Deep tech experiences
  • Diversify skills

Why to use Laravel Framework

This is one the most popular php framework for creating web applications, it is writter in php and many components are based on symfony. Also comes with many features such as built-in authentication system, the blade templating engine and a modern way to accessing dbs in object oriented way with Eloquent ORM.

We have experience using it with VueJS a javascript framework for creating single page applications, also it is suitable for headless applications like RESTful apps and backends for mobile apps. Simple website development or complex projects like custom CMS and CRM development, laravel it is always a reliable choice.

Laravel Development

Our mission is to deliver superior products, during development phase there are a lot of tools and features available for this. So using advanced techniques and patterns like service providers, service container, facades it is easy to create estable and high quality software.

We use homestead the official dev environment with vagrant under the hood. Many first class packages like cashier a stripe interface for managing billing and subscriptions.Scheduler a package for programmatic scheduling tasks and many others. Also we can integrate advanced full text search features with scout.

As make use of modern project management like the agile method, daily reporting and quick iterations we guarantee high quality deliverables.

Agile Project Management

Agile methology is way to manage software projects effectively for every laravel development company, the team can achieve the specific tasks in a short period of time after the sprint planning. Also there are many advantages such us predictable cost and flexible prioritaziation and control on unpredicted problems.

There are many methologies like lean Software Development and Kanban method and many sub variations. Many online and web based tool can support these kind of methods like the attlasian, zoho projects and others.

IT Staff Augmentation

Whatever we be the needs for very specialized skill in your project for long term need we will add right people for covering the skill gap in your technical team. You do not need infrastracrute investment, upscale and downscale your IT resources quickly.

Choosing Greece you will find highly trained people inside the Euro Area and without overhead that comes with nearshore and offshore software development companies.