Creating and running campaigns is part of digital marketing, there are many channels for acquiring visitors such seo, ppc, referral traffic, email marketing and a common denominator here is to measure in accurately the performance of campaigns from these various channels so can reports and metrics on can what works.

By doing these we can be able to calculate  conversion rates and customer acquisition costs, all the can be measured with tools like Google Analytics, Piwik, Mixpanel and using the UTM codes. Almost to all campaigns we use text links in text ads, banners, emails newsletters an example is the following link, which is a just simple link that points to a registration page.

Generating URL with GA Campaign URL builder

using a UTM codes to track the performance to our url we have to append three extra parameters in the end of the previous link with names utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign. So the link will be take the following structure medium=social&utm_campaign=lead

utm parameteres in detail

  • utm_source is a tag that you can place values such as facebook, adwords, newletter, this answers to the question from which channel came the traffic or more accurate who is the referrer.
  • utm_medium is  second parameter could be assigned with values such ppc, social, email and last parameter
  • utm_campaign where we give a name for each campaign such summer_sales so we can identify the name of the campaign.
  • utm_content is optional parameter where can place more info abouts the campaigns specially if you run A/B split tests on different ads or landing pages.
  • utm_term here can places terms or keywords to track performance from paid adwords pay per click campaigns

To create such url easy can be campaign utm builder So measuring making A/B testing could improve your online strategy. So measurments, data analytics  could a integral part of an digital transformation program.