When we run online marketing campaigns, we have to measure the performance of each campaign, so to be able to calculate the conversion rates and customer acquisition costs. Web traffic which is coming from various communication channels can be measured with tools like Google Analytics, Piwik, Mixpanel and using the UTM codes. Almost in all campaigns we use links in text ads, banners, emails newsletters an example is the following link, which is a just simple link that points to a registration page.


to use the UTM codes we have to append three extra parameters in the end of the previous link with names utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign. So the link will be take the following structure

https://vontikakis.com/crm?utm_source=facebook&utm medium=social&utm_campaign=lead

The first utm parameter is the utm_source= in this tag you can place values such as facebook, adwords, newletter, this answers to the question from which channel came the traffic or more accurate who is the referrer. The second parameter is the &utm_medium= can takes values such ppc, social, email and last parameter &utm_campaign= where we give a name for each campaign such summer_sales.

also you can use campaign utm builder